The Danger of Sportsbook Fraud

The Danger of Sportsbook Fraud

The Danger of Sportsbook Fraud – Finding an honest online casino seems like a very difficult task these days, but it is not impossible. Experts estimate that 25% of online fraud is carried out through online casinos and gambling. This is a massive scam and has resulted in 1000’s of victims.

Scam online gambling sites or casinos often build their online presence by creating elaborate sites and using paid advertising to find their clients (victims). They don’t stay in business long, so sites never get natural rankings in search engines or reviews or recommendations from other online gamblers. They rely on paid advertising to find their clients and attractive sites to earn their trust.
Unfortunately, consumers seem to trust companies with more elaborate sites, because they think they are spending a lot of money and they companies need to be legit if they can afford a good and good online casino. The reality is that most of these scam sites are built using standard templates and casino software than can be bought for a few hundred dollars.

These companies build businesses in countries that have no laws on online gambling and are smart enough to shut down and start new sites before the authorities find out about their fraudulent activity. Often, accounts and websites are closed before the first complaint reaches the authorities. The reality is, these companies can have 100 sites running at once and many “shell companies” hiding and protecting the real owners. This allows them to deceive people over and over without getting caught.
Not to mention, these companies know which countries will pursue them for these crimes and which will not. In some cases, those in authority in the country may even be on the payroll. This makes it very difficult to catch these people.

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Surprisingly, the biggest scam isn’t part of gambling or betting at all, it’s about getting credit card numbers and personal information. These scammers use these numbers to make fraudulent purchases or to steal player identities. Instead of taking a few hundred dollars in lost bets, scammers now have access to 10,000 on good credit.
The only benefit to all of this, is that the credit card company is responsible for this type of debt, not the cardholder. So, as long as you report your debts on time, you don’t have to pay back the debts piled up by these scammers. This will mess up your credit and you may need to spend a few days or weeks getting things sorted out, but in the end, you’ll be fine.

Legitimate online casinos rely on privacy, fair odds and word of mouth to look after their clients, so when a player finds a good online casino, they don’t have to worry about their personal information. Once a player has enough experience, they will see the same return on their investment as in a normal (not online) which is strictly regulated.

The bottom line is, finding a trustworthy casino can be a difficult task, but once you do, your personal information should be well protected and you should be able to experience the same excitement and excitement as you would at a table in Las Vegas. Be careful and try to find reviews from other gamblers/betters and use websites that have established themselves as reputable sites.

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